Doug's Production Diary 26

Monday, July 18, 2005

Plans didn't pan out as well as I thought today. I hoped to get more done than we did but here goes: we got Jimmy's scene while he's on the phone with Buddy at work done. The shot I wanted to start with wasn't able to work, so we tweaked it a bit. I wanted to pan across the statue costumes, come to the "Old Scratch Deluxe Itching Powder" can, hear the toilet flush, and cut to Jimmy exiting the bathroom. Didn't work. But the shot came out well despite this. We did get a pretty innovative shot by putting the camera inside the oven so Jimmy opened it, retrieved the brownies, and shut it. Very cool.

For Buddy Drinking Tea, we start with empty apartment shots lit sort of "Blair Witch" style. Over that, we hear Buddy screaming in pain. Then we come to the kitchen where Buddy checks the water temperature in a very stupid way.

After that we got our Frankie Chains viewing shots where Buddy begins to trip out due to the herbal tea. Extreme close-ups simulate the television screen, and that was that.

A quick shoot, of pick-ups "between scenes" but still important and done with.