Doug's Production Diary 29

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Today I didn't think we'd get much done, because it was rainy and dark all morning.

Fortunately, that cleared up by the afternoon so we were good to go. Dan and I hit up the thrift store (a.k.a. The Costume Shop) for supplies, along with Pat Catan's for art stuff and Lowe's for some 3 Million Candle Power lights for outdoor shooting.

At 5:30 p.m. we went for our first "scene": Buddy and Wishes make eye contact. We added some dialogue in to spice up this part for Dan Harvey (Wishes). It's very quick so we did 4 or 5 takes and i think it went very well. There was a big break between shoots so we did some running around and got dinner before our night crew arrived: Jason and Brandy, and John McGuire. We did Jason and Brandy's scene first, and this came out great; thank goodness for that light! We had Tony all over the place on this one: in the back seat of the Tracker, standing on the hood, holding his tripod way up in the air, you name it. We added Lance (McGuire) into this scene as the guy who picks Brandy up and drives away.

Speaking of John, he is nearing completion of filming. Well, there's still a bit to go but I'm just wishfully thinking. He does okay, but has a bit of trouble with his lines and direction, but so far we've gotten everything with him in a satisfactory manner. His scene tonight involved him talking on the phone and making a angle only. I think it came out pretty well in the end, once he remembered his lines and movements. It was a little tricky.

Finally, we got Dan, as Doug, making his victim list. This shot looked really cool: a parchment on a red sheet with a single light source, surrounded by blackness...the ink looked like blood. We did a slow pan down the list to show all the names, then a medium shot where Doug spills the red ink all over it like blood. Very cool.

And that was that. Still going forward!