Doug's Production Diary 28

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Got three short scenes done after work. First was Silver Man parting ways. Keith had his first turn on screen as Gold Man. They both did great! Their masks looked phenomenal on screen, and they ate it up. A street band was playing on the corner so we used them: Silver Man acted his usual jerkiness when they asked for spare change and was instructed to eat shit. It was great!

The band put their banner up too, for some exposure, and also said they'd do some music for us. Sweet!

Also got Doug talking to himself in the mirror - Dan riffed it and did a fine job. Finally, got boys on their way home from work. This consisted of two shots: One of Jones looking through the window of Wishes' Well, followed by a nifty tracking shot crossing the street with a well-timed stop on the other side where Buddy comes back into frame to throw his two cents in. Jimmy's "kindling" was a HUGE joint that showed up well in the foreground. Right after we finished, a huge rainstorm began.

From start to finish, it was a night of serendipity due to the band and the rain. Kick ass!