Doug's Production Diary 17

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Tonight we had an opportunity for a shoot at Mike's house, which is the location of Doug's Lair - Upper Floors. It's a big, big place in Kirtland, surrounded by woods. Our available cast? Me, Brett, Dan, and Tony - not much. So we got our first page shot: Buddy and Jimmy hauling "Lance" to Doug's place. Brett and I tried to dress like spies. It was pretty dark but clever use of lights will do the trick. Haven't seen anything yet but I'm confident it's okay.

It was a very hot, humid, sticky night. By the end of it we added muddy and wet to the list. Especially Dan, who laid in a drainage ditch tied up in a leaky tarp. Lots of bugs, too. All in all, though, a good shoot and more importantly: more scenes in the bag!