Doug's Production Diary 22

Wednesday, June 29, 2005

Today, we got our big alley chase involving Wishes (Dan Harvey), Dolly (Giovanna), and Buddy (me).

First of all, it was hot. I'm talking mid-90's with a LOT of humidity. Good thing Dolly sports jeans and a leather jacket!

We worked totally backwards here, starting off with the end of the chase near the bank. We even shot a number of reactions, to edit into the scene with Lex and Nick Junior. That went very well. Gio and I did our best to ham it up and Gio did SUCH a good job with her lines and whatnot; it was a real thrill. I got to be a ham too so that was a lot of fun for me.

The actual chase went well. Dan Harvey needed some major direction despite the fact that he only had one line. But he got it right after a few takes, so no biggie.

The rest of the shoot was easy, and involved directing Gio to "run this way" and "run that way."

Fun stuff!