Doug's Production Diary 21

Monday, June 27, 2005

Today we got some unexpected shooting done. Dan, Tony, and I headed over to Mike's film Dan (as Doug!). We did his telephone conversation with Jimmy. First off, Dan's costume was great! Powder blue 70's jacket (much too tight), purple polyester pants (again, too tight), and of course those wonderful shoes!

We set up a little nook for him with a chessboard, bonsai, brandy snifters, and so forth. All told, it took maybe an hour and a half and went really well. We got a nice shot from the lift and various other angles. Dan was a bit nervous but did just fine. I kept telling him to ham it up (that's where he really shines). The best takes were definitely the ones where he cut loose a bit and came up with some goofy stuff on the fly.

Overall, quite easy, short, and a good place for Dan to start his acting (alley murder was pretty dialogue-free). And, most importantly, one more scene in the can.