Doug's Production Diary 05

Saturday, May 21, 2005

Busy day! Dan and I hit up Wal-Mart for last minute supplies. I thought maybe we can use a taut rope in lieu or curtain rod for Wishes' office. We'll see how that works out.

Again, after work plans fell through- no late night rehearsal or blocking. I am worried.

At work, Brett used his camera to get shots of Jason Turchan (Silver Man) post-axe murder for our newspaper. They look awesome! Ran memory card to Tony for final layout.

Rushing around after a really busy night at Lure: taped off marks at Arabica which I think will be very useful.

Had to jet to Brett's to print our "Daily Quiff" front came out incredible!! Really awesome looking--we just pasted it onto an edition of the Chatter. Jason will be stunned I'm sure.

Brett and Christian slept over so we can all get our early start.

I woke up quite early today so I would be tired and fall asleep easily tonight, which I 1:30 am!!

Tony also mocked up some electronic storyboards with a CAD program that blew our minds.

This is the most cool thing I have ever been involved with.