Doug's Production Diary 11

Friday, May 27, 2005

Rolled out of bed and checked email for possible rough edit of chase scene: no go! But I did save all our movie stills and Comic Heaven interiors to disc for Tony to drop off to him today. Popped down for coffee and had a great time hanging with Melissa. She told me about a play she went to last night that starred a friend of hers: he was enthralled by her description of our work and passion. Hooray for us! We've got passion. Yeah.

Headed out to do laundry with Dan and we finished up the thumbnails. They are sweet!
Tony stopped by for the disc and to lend the Film Festival Survivor's Guide, which I flipped through. It looks packed with a lot of useful info.

Lots of people at work (customers and employees, even Nick!) are catching the buzz. Cool.