Doug's Production Diary 09

Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Talked to Tony about my hand-talking. He said it's cool - that's my thing. Works for me! Still going to work on my acting - I've got tons of room for improvement, of course. Shoot is all set for tonight...

...And it was totally awesome!

We tried to start off with the back-alley murder scene, but it was too dark and Tony's sun gun died quickly so we couldn't get that done. So we're going to have to wait and do it more early evening when it's a bit lighter, and then darken it up a bit digitally.

But! We did shoot our "classic suspenseful chase" down Erie Street.

This shoot was fantastic! I got to be behind the scenes the whole time and it was a blast. Really got into directing. By the way, Jay takes direction like a champ. And with a brief coaching, he delivered his lines flawlessly during a pre-shoot rehearsal. Can't wait till we shoot the actual killing scene. It will be tight.

As for what we did shoot? Man! I look forward with great anticipation to seeing it....well....really look forward to editing. It's only 30 seconds of time roughly, but we shot some extremely killer looking angles which will edit together VERY well.

Jay looks incredible on film, with his costume and facial expressions and especially his body movements.

Dan, in his Killer's Garb, came across very menacing and threatening. Neither he nor I could get to sleep, we were so jazzed.

Melissa was really blown away by every one's dedication and efforts. Nice ego boost. She wishes us all the best of luck.

Dan told me Brett and she were hiding just off camera taunting Dan. Apparently, on his third take Dan would be beaned in the head by a hacky sack courtesy of Brett.

He nailed everything in two takes, so no projectiles.

Brett and Melissa were also excited that they could say "we were there!" hiding just out of view.
If each shoot gets better and easier as they already have, this is going to be a snap.
Dan's thumbnail gallery was immeasurably useful for guiding us through the shoot. If we could have that every time? No problem, dude!