Doug's Production Diary 07

Monday, May 23, 2005

As I guessed correctly, Tony threw a little edited scene our way. It shows Dolly's car come around, her enter, give her spiel at the counter and move on. The sound is bad, and I can think of a few different cuts, but, overall, really cool to see our first scene!

Work tonight was really fun, because Giovanna was telling everyone how much fun shooting is and getting them excited. She's great. This film is giving me an even deeper appreciation for my friends and co-workers, and vice-versa. So that's good.

I showed off our "Daily Quiff" newspaper and everyone loved it.

Jay was very stoked- I told him to wait until he's on film then he'll really see how cool it is. I think he's going to be our "Jason Mewes" in that he's willing to do just about anything. He and Gio went out for a few drinks and he told me how she was going on about her excitement and really talking the project up.

I laid down our tagline for Brian (about Gratuity...) he loved it and said it was very funny and clever. Ginchy!!

Jay came over to see our footage. I've been telling people "okay, now the sound is bad and this is very rough and..." before they cut me off with "Sweet!". Even rough stuff is impressing the hell out of folks.

Jay wants to get to work right away, so we're going to shoot his murder scene Wednesday night. Gotta go get an axe and a poncho.

Full-steam ahead!