Doug's Production Diary 10

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Brett and I took photos of Comic Heaven interior with his Canon Rebel digital camera. The place has awesome light so shooting will be that much easier. There is a lot of merchandise crowded around the place but I think we can work around it. Now that I think about it, we definitely can! Our intimate knowledge of the layout will come in handy.

I had planned to thumbnail this scene but, as my sketching pen was roughly one inch from the paper, the phone rang.

I thought it might be Melissa, but was Lure.
I had to work!! :(

Work was easy, and Dan and I stayed up pretty late doing thumbnails (well...he drew them. I helped visualize). They are awesome and I can already see that they will be a huge aid in shooting.

And then...we passed out watching Fellowship of the Ring. I seem to recall hearing Gandalf say "friend" in Elvish, then darkness...