Doug's Production Diary 08

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Dan storyboarded out Silver Man's murder scene. It is spectacular! Dan knows his stuff. That scene will be great. They're doing road work on Erie Street at night which we think will add a nifty element to our scene, with the sounds and work lights lending a suspenseful air to the shoot.

Tony sent some more rough cuts, this time with me and Dan Harvey in them. It was really weird seeing myself on screen; of course I think I did terrible, but everyone said no way. I talk with my hands a lot - hope it's not too distracting. Got to work on that.

Acquiring poncho and axe was no problem. Dan and I shined it up with sandpaper so it looks used but cool nonetheless. Melissa took me to see Star Wars III...I wanted it to be cool but, sadly, it was not. But that's a whole different animal - we're talking Bad Service here! I was worried for a moment though, during the trailers, that I'd see a trailer for something like Bad Service: that would suck balls! But, no - whew!

Talked with Tony. I guess our Wishes' Well audio is pretty bad, but no big deal - we can re-record later in more sound-proof locale. Thank goodness!
Everything is set for tomorrow night's murder scene shoot at 10:00 p.m. That will really jazz people to see - every little bit galvanizes cast and crew more and more.
We're really doing it, and it feels incredible.

Look out Hollywood!